We believe that independence in everyday living is a basic human need, and MAC Georgia acts to achieve this whenever possible. It is often not the big things that make the largest impact in someone's life. The ability to do for oneself, in even a small way, can be a life-transforming event.


MAC Georgia's occupational therapists work closely with those at Portage Georgia, assisting teachers and parents in how to better support the children in their care. Their ongoing occupational therapy-related services and consultations help children to achieve their fullest potential. Mac's interventions include, among others, issues related to sensory integration, positioning, and feeding. They also provide individual consultations that result in practical recommendations on how to use occupational therapy productively when working with children both at the center and at home.


MAC Georgia's occupational therapists completed a series of independent living and social training modules with the beneficiaries at Aisi Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation Center. Classes focused on strengthening participants' independent and functional skills, their integration into the community, and improvement in their overall quality of life. There were seven modules that covered communication, community mobility, safety skills, dressing, hygiene, money management, and sense of self. Each of the seven modules was divided into eight sessions of approximately 45 minutes. Based on the results of pre-tests given by MAC's OTs, all participants were placed into groups that met their individual needs.

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