We believe in one environment for all. Children and adults with disabilities and those without should learn, work, and play together. This kind of inclusivity cuts across societal boundaries. It requires education to realize. With education; cultures, beliefs, behaviors, and standard practices can be changed. As a group of multidisciplinary experts; we teach, serve, and support persons with disabilities and those who support them. We practice inclusivity daily, and we work with everyone — families, caregivers, teachers, employers, friends, beneficiaries!


Assessment & Recommendations - Informed Guidance

We provide support for persons with disabilities. Through assessment we learn as much as possible about each child’s abilities and needs. Then we develop individually-tailored action plans that enhance their care. This helps parents to better understand and interact with their child. It helps teachers better support their students, and it helps caregivers provide better care. Everyone in a child’s sphere is affected positively — family, teachers, caregivers — but especially the child.


We elevate the content of university programs by organizing, offering, and overseeing clinical training opportunities for students. Students are therefore able to put theory into practice at partnering day centers. We also collaborate with Health Palace in a series of clinical training classes in a hospital setting. To further expand its impact, MAC partnered with Tbilisi State University in the development of online coursework for both students and professionals on problem behavior and behavior management.


We believe in building a community of learners. We embrace the idea that by working together the quality of care across Georgia improves faster. Through our psycho-educational services, we actively share tools and knowledge that energizes this process. For example, MAC normed and introduced the first non-verbal intelligence test to Georgia. We then offered this tool to the Ministry of Education and other professionals for their use.


MAC’s psychologists provide psycho-educational evaluations of children with various special needs and/or disabilities. Evaluations of children with special needs are crucial for identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Our assessments offer recommendations for parents and service providers on effective teaching and behavior management strategies. We offer our services free of cost to Georgian day centers as well as families whose income level falls below the poverty line.

MAC’s psychologists offer free consultations to Georgian public schools on how to design, develop, and equip their special education resource room. We’ll work with special teachers and school administrators to consider student needs and then offer recommendations on materials and strategies for creating a room that is conducive to learning and growth.

MAC is here to help your child succeed, both in the classroom and beyond. We’ll work with you, your child, and the school to develop a thorough understanding of your child’s strengths and needs and then develop an approach that is designed specifically for his or her needs. We’re here and ready to assist.

The right match is important and MAC understands how crucial consistency is in developing and fostering a successful student-to-specialist relationship. MAC strives to provide each child with a support specialist that is right for him or her. Skilled in their field, MAC’s specialists receive ongoing support and guidance from our experienced international team and resources. Whether it is an in-class or pull-out service, our specialists are prepared and equipped to help your child.

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