We believe that that the development of Georgia begins with education, be it through university, a trade school, or even an apprenticeship. Presently, this is not a reality for all. In many parts of rural Georgia, students and families lack the financial resources to pursue higher education.

Our solution is simple: Prepare students for higher education through extracurricular camps and classes and provide the scholarships necessary for all four years of post-high school study. These funds open doors, but they come with academic and leadership responsibilities. MAC Georgia's Rural Schools Program operates in Dzevri, Upper and Lower Svaneti, Bolnisi, and Pankisi Valley.

Through this program, more than 500 students receive extra-curricular support each year, and, to date, over 86 students have graduated from high school and entered some form of higher education as MAC Scholars.


Our enrichment process is rooted in collaboration with each community to build upon what exists and to identify what is needed to enhance learning. Working closely with local schools, we establish after-school and camp-based opportunities where students can pursue English, math, traditional dance and music, and theater; as well as computer-based skills and instruction.


MAC Scholars receive up to 2,500 GEL (the current cost of attending a public university) each year, for four years, to finance the costs associated with pursuing higher education. Students must maintain a high grade point average and create and deliver two presentations a year to their home community that express the value of their education. We monitor each Scholar's progress and offer support when needed to foster success.


Equipped with higher education, MAC Scholars possess the tools to succeed. Whether pursuing careers in medicine, law, or as a master mechanic or plumber, each Scholar is a role model and an example in their village of the power of education. Their earned expertise brings skills home that can create jobs, support households, and foster visions and ambitions of success in the next generation. Because of their success, there will be others to follow, and that is the power of the Rural Schools Program.

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