We believe that positive changes occur when the parents of persons with disabilities have the knowledge and skills they require. MAC puts this belief into action when we provide ongoing support, resources, and information to them and to their families. We have seen that families who receive such support have the confidence to make constructive transformations within their community. We therefore work for a future where all individuals easily access quality services regardless of location, abilities, and/or economic status.

Lack of information about disabilities, available services, and benefits for persons with disabilities is an ongoing problem in Georgia. Because of this, MAC develops and distributes easy-to-understand information in a variety of media available throughout the country. Knowledge is power; access to knowledge empowers. Through free and unlimited dissemination of information, MAC gives many a new ability to improve circumstances and change their lives.


Did you know that the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia offers support to persons with disabilities? Do you know how to qualify for such support? Through our brochures we explain what is available for persons with disabilities. We also offer step-by-step guidance on how to obtain disability status. Such status puts families on a direct path leading to their receiving available services.

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0 801 200 202.


Number of days/hours: 2 days; 6 hours/day

Description: MAC strives to support the families of children with disabilities by equipping them with the skills necessary to influence change in their communities. Our Strategic Planning, Development, and Project Design course was developed at the request of parents to help family members think through their challenges, prioritize their needs, and then develop strategies to change their circumstances.

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