We support children with special programs because they are the most vulnerable among us. They are the ones who are most affected by the actions of those around them. This is especially true when they begin life with needs that require nurturing and care outside of a family group.


MAC Georgia's occupational therapists provide ongoing visits to the Tbilisi Infant House, offering individual evaluations; written recommendations on proper positioning, feeding, and handling techniques; and instruction in play activities that can be initiated by caregivers. Weekly structured-play activity groups are led by MAC's OTs to help children improve their functional skills. Caregivers improve their overall approach by learning to use adaptive materials and helping children to develop the skills necessary to eat and dress independently or with minimal support.


In weekly visits to the Kojori Disabled Children's House, MAC Georgia's occupational therapists provide skill-development workshops for caregivers and other professionals. Our priority is to educate the staff on the strategies and techniques that encourage the children to develop the skills necessary to live independently. This includes working with caregivers to evaluate and implement interventions based upon need, as well as training and ongoing support in, among others, wheelchair positioning/fitting and transference.

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