Imagine that you are a parent of a child with a disability and you lack information about the services that are available to him or her.  Imagine that, because of this, you don't fully understand the disability that your child faces and, therefore, how to properly address it.  That feeling of uncertainty, that feeling of the unknown, is what many people face every day in Georgia.

Now imagine that you cannot accept this reality and you are driven to create a solution.  That is MAC, and our tech-based solution is Sheaghe.  Designed in partnership with ForSet, Sheaghe is a free online program that maps disability-based services; sortable by topic, location, or user rating.  The key is the user rating function.  With Sheaghe, families have the power to find and use services, to rate those services, and to put an end to misinformation and the use of low-quality treatment.

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