Investment in the ideas of a few to impact the lives of many

Over time, we found that changing and improving the lives of thousands of children and adults with disabilities across Georgia cannot be done by a single organization. Solutions are built from the ground up, the individual up, and that process takes time and the efforts of many. Finding solutions can also be difficult when there are limited resources or project experience. We created the Small Grants Program (SGP) to help. SGP provides the financial support necessary to turn innovative ideas across Georgia into reality.

Since its inception in 2015, more than 20 different projects have been supported by MAC Georgia through our Small Grants Programming. Seeking to empower individuals with disabilities and their families, we accept applications on a year-round basis. Priority is given to initiatives targeting Georgia's rural areas. For more details on our various calls for proposals, please contact MAC's Small Grants Program Manager, Temuka Gigauri.

Call for Proposals:

Empowering Persons with Disabilities and their Families.

Award Details

MAC offers small grants up to $4,000 US Dollars in the GEL equivalent; proposals may extend up to 12 months and will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

The purpose of this grant is to further connect and empower persons with disabilities and/or their families. Projects should align with the Call for Proposals. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Creation or further development of support groups;
  • Generation of employment/livelihood opportunities;
  • Provision of information about available services/resources;
  • Implementation of activities/services for (or including) persons with a disability.

This grant may not be used to fund any of the following activities:

  • Carrying out of propaganda;
  • Influencing any legislation or the outcome of any public election;
  • Implementing, directly or indirectly, any sort of voter registration drive.

Please review the FAQs for more information.

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Creating Inclusive Communities

Award Details

MAC and PHI offer grants up to 1,000 GEL to students and teachers around Georgia. Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposal via video at www.initiatives.ge.

Applications should be submitted no later than 20.10.2017.

For more information about Grant Awards, visit: www.initiatives.ge.

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